Wessex Resins and Adhesives provides epoxies for many different applications including underwater, automotive and wind turbines.

We understand that our customers have individual and distinct requirements for epoxies that call for niche formulations.

It may be that you need a solution that works with a particular substrate, or an epoxy that functions in extreme conditions. We will consult with you to determine the formulation you need – whether that is an epoxy from our extensive range, or a customised solution.

Bespoke applications

Our high-quality, low toxicity epoxies are suitable for all kinds of applications, including coating, sealing, bonding and laminating. Our products will adhere to lots of substrates, including wood, metal, glass reinforced plastic, concrete and many more.

We also provide a selection of epoxies that are specially developed to function in extreme conditions. Our underwater epoxies are used by the Ministry of Defence; our range of flooring epoxies, including a special adhesive with low smoke and low toxicity characteristics in the event of a fire, are used by London Underground and Bombardier.

WEST SYSTEM® and PRO-SET® products have been developed by Gougeon Brothers Inc. with the needs of marine users firmly in mind. This means these products have been formulated to withstand heavy structural loads and to perform under the toughest environmental conditions.

It is these qualities that make WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET formulations uniquely suited for many other non-marine applications, including civil engineering repairs, architectural restoration and wind turbine construction.
If our partners have very specialist application requirements, our chemists will work with them to develop a fully-customised solution.

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Underwater applications

Our underwater epoxies, developed in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, provide strong, durable underwater bonds. Find out more >

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Flooring applications

We provide epoxies that bond floor tiles or coverings to metal, wood and concrete. Find out more >

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Mould making applications

Wessex Resins and Adhesives provides innovative, high quality solutions for mould making. Find out more >

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