Wessex Permakote: Surface preparation and application

Please note: Permakote acts as a glue so simply place objects on flat surface and pour over them, or lay items on top of first coat of Permakote.


You will need: a disposable brush; a foam roller cover; 2 measuring bowls; 1 smooth-walled mixing container; spatulas, long enough to reach all corners of the mixing container; electric paint stripper or blow torch.

Ensure surfaces are clean and free of dust, polish and wax. Lay plastic sheet or thick layers of newspaper under the surface and raise surface by 2-3 inches to allow the drips to be caught.

It is important to ensure surface is level before pouring.

Application at room temperature

Mix one part A to one part B by volume - enough for your immediate use. It is better to mix too much than too little. Scrape out all residue into the mixing bowl. Reseal both packs. Stir slowly and thoroughly for four minutes – careful mixing is essential to avoid air bubbles. Initial cloudiness will gradually disappear. The importance of thorough mixing cannot be over-emphasized.

Pour Permakote onto the prepared surface and allow it to level off. Light strokes with a foam brush will help.

To release air bubbles pass a gentle heat over the surface from an electric paintstripper. Alternatively, because Permakote is solvent free, a blow torch can be used by holding it about 15 cm from the surface and using a swift even sweeping movement. Heat just after pouring and again after 10-15 minutes.
Where Permakote has run over the sides of the surface, it can be removed and smoothed by brushing beneath the edge while still fluid or by sanding off when hard.

For exterior use where the epoxy coating is to be in direct sunlight, we recommend applying at least two coats of polyurethane varnish which contains a UV inhibitor and will protect the coating against sunlight.

Note: Permakote will gel in 45-50 minutes and be touch-hard in 6 hours. It needs 4 days to cure to its optimum hardness and quality.

Additional coats can easily be applied to give an even richer, deeper effect: no further preparation required on horizontal work.

The Permakote epoxy has been specifically formulated for decoupage work and under no circumstances should thinners or solvents be added to the system to further reduce the viscosity. Such additives will reduce the effectiveness of the epoxy and ruin the job in hand.

Please note: do not add solvent to the Wessex Permakote system.

For best results

Working environment, temperature not less than 21°C

21°C: gel time 40 mins. Touch dry 4-6 hours

27°C: gel time 30 mins. Touch dry 3-5 hours

32°C: gel time 15 mins. Touch dry 2-4 hours

Recommended humidity level: below 50%

Note: for horizontal application apply 1-2 coats; for vertical application apply three or more thin coats.


Photographs, dried leaves and other flat items for decoration and display can be placed onto a chosen surface with the white Permakote adhesive sealer. When the sealer is dry, Permakote can be applied over the whole surface, with repeated pours if necessary to give a level finish.


Keep away from direct heat or flame. Avoid prolonged breathing of the vapour. Keep out of reach of children. If contact with eyes occurs, flush well with water and contact a doctor. In its liquid state, Permakote can be removed by washing with soap and water. When not in use, keep containers tightly closed, store at room temperature. Those who suffer from skin problems should note that Permakote is a mild skin irritant. Use of protective gloves and a barrier cream is advised (see product list). For hand cleaning it is recommended to use resin removing cream (see product list). Solvents should not be used on the skin.

No responsibility or liability will be accepted for injury, loss or damage, direct or inconsequential, arising from misuse of the product.

Problems and cures

Problem Cause Cure
Blotching on prints, papers etc. Incorrectly sealed. Begin with another print
Breaking up into small craters just after pouring Coating too thin. Allow to find its own level.
(Permakote is not a lacquer, requiring firm brushing).
Haziness on surface Damp, humid atmosphere Re-pour in warm, dry conditions
Small circles resembling raindrops Drop in room temperature before surface is touch hard Re-pour
Dipping effect Too much heat applied Re-pour
Soft spot or crazing effect when dry Insufficiently mixed Re-pour

Permakote is the trade mark of Permakote Ltd.

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